Beginners Castanets Workshop

This taster is for those with no or little experience wishing to learn how  to play the castanets.

No castanets, no worries! You may borrow a pair of castanets from us for this session. 

We have some castanets for sale if you wish to purchase your own pair to practice at home we have castanets for sale too.

When: Date to be confirmed 

Time:  14:00-16:00

Where: The Place, 17 Duke’s Rd, London WC1H 9PY (entrance on Flaxman Terrace), Euston/Kings Cross. For directions to The Place click here.

How much: £35 per session if booked by (t.b.c.) / £40 after. 

The castanets hire is included in the fee. 

We have castanets for sale starting from £25 and silencers (so you can practice without disturbing the neighbours!) at £17. Castanets+Silencers = £40

How to book:

Future workshops and courses
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Castanets History

Castanets are percussion instruments that are used to accompany some flamenco songs.  Castanets were invented more than 3,000 years ago, probably by the Phoenicians who used everyday wood to make these percussion instruments. Thanks to trade they became popular in several Mediterranean countries, including Spain, where they welcomed the castanets into its culture, giving them the place and importance that they have today, first in classical  and later in flamenco music. Spanish castanets have evolved in shape, to create that distinct flamenco sound. They take their name from the Latin castanea, that is, chestnut, as castanets are of a similar colour and shape. On a curious note, in their beginnings castanets were regarded to have magical protective powers warding off bad spirits.