Cajon (drum) Workshop

This taster is for those with no or little experience wishing to learn how  to use a cajon (drum) in flamenco. This is a workshop designed for beginners! No previous music experience is required. In this workshop you will learn the basics of cajon technique 

No cajon, no worries! You may borrow one  from us for this session.

Always wanted to learn how to play flamenco rhythms? Here is your chance to learn how to play the cajon flamenco! This percussion instrument is one of the few  that you sit on whilst playing it, so you can hear and literally feel the music

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Cajon (drum) History

The history of the cajon in flamenco

The first cajon originated in Peru in the 17th century, where African slaves used trading boxes as instruments to add a beat and rhythm to their song, and the Afro-Peruvian cajon was born!

Fast forwarding through History in 1977 Paco de Lucia, was on tour in Peru and was spellbound with this instrument and the potential of adding and enhancing to the flamenco rhythm. From this point onwards it became more and more popular through the flamenco world. And so the cajon flamenco was born! This cajon differs from the Peruvian in that metallic strings (bordones) have been added into the cajon giving it a higher pitch that is more in keeping with the flamenco sound.