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Bring issues to light of those who need our help

Charities We Support

Takis Shelter
A not-for-profit animal welfare charity based on the island of Crete, that rescues and cares for abandoned dogs and cats and finds them permanent homes with loving families.

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Safe Heaven for Donkeys
An animal sanctuary in Israel, Safe Haven for Donkeys provides a loving home for neglected and abused working donkeys. The charity’s mobile clinic treats around 1,000 donkeys a month.

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Dadeg Kamel Rescue
Dadeg cares for many street animals in Alexandria, Egypt. She tends to injured and abandoned animals in need of emergency care and feeds many stray dogs and cats. She totally relies on donations as she is a one-woman operation.

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Azar Zaragoza Animal Rescue 
Non -profit organisation in the north of Spain that rescues abandoned, ill and abused greyhounds and finds them permanent homes.

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Charities We Supported In the Past

Friends of the Koala
This organisation, which has been in operation for over 35 years in New South Wales, Australia, is committed to conserving Koalas and preserving and enhancing their habitat.
Ilusion Flamenca adopted 20 koalas and planted 50 trees during the terrible bushfires that devastated the Australian forest in 2019.

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Lupus UK
National Charity for People affected by Lupus.

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Sarcoma UK
Organisation that provides support and information for this type of cancer

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The Largest Animal Welfare Charity in the UK, founded in 1824

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Wildlife Care and Vervet Monkey Rehabilitation project in South Africa.

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In whatever capacity you are involved with flamenco, as a teacher, artiste, or a student learning flamenco as a hobby, this dance can enhance your life. For many of our students, their classes are a highlight, if not the highlight of their week, as they look forward to disconnecting from the demands of the modern world and losing themselves for an hour, or two in the dance. It is a truly magical art form that has the power to heal and refresh us.

It is our dream to share flamenco with those who would benefit the most from being able to experience some ‘me’ time, where we could lift the spirits of our audiences by engaging them in the spirit of fiesta. With this in mind, we wish to bring the flamenco experience to care homes, hospitals and other institutions. Will you help us to fulfil our dream by mentioning us in your will?

For more information, please contact us

Angela Alonso


Ilusion Flamenca Ltd

07931 341754