Ballet Flamenco de Barcelona Live Show

19:00 - 20:00

Ballet Flamenco de Barcelona Live in London

We are very excited to announce that members of the Ballet Flamenco de Barcelona will be visiting the Uk and performing in London on Sunday 27th March!!!!

David Gutierrez & Paula Reyes al baile, Joel de Pepa al cante and Jose Castilla “Teté” a la guitarra will be sharing their “duende” with us.

David Gutierrez will be teaching workshop organized by Ilusion Flamenca School and the show is provided in collaboration with Peña Flamenca de Londres.

Ballet Flamenco de Barcelona has established itself as one of the reference companies in Spain and worldwide. In the current times of modern flamenco, they present a ground breaking and versatile show, a bet that vindicates traditional and innovative flamenco simultaneously. Contemporary, modern, Spanish and flamenco dance merges with classical music, jazz and the most traditional flamenco, forming a suggestive staging with a cast of established artists. It stands our for its elegant and modern wardrobe. A proposal that continues to make a difference, flamenco of the 21st century

Peña Flamenca de Londres

Church Hall of Holy Apostles, Cumberland St, London SW1V 4LY

Doors open 7.30 pm

Tickets £20 advanced booking required . Book here